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Owning a pool is a wonderful experience that many homeowners enjoy. As pools age, things can happen to them and proper pool repair is often needed to fix these issues.   But often these issues are not so apparent.  Today, we are going to learn some signs that your pool might need repair.

Four Signs You Need Pool Repair

  1. You have to add water often

    : If you have to add water to your pool at least once a week, it could mean that you have a leak. While the sun will evaporate some pool water, you should never have to add water often.  Leaks can be small and go unnoticed for many months.  If you suspect a leak, make sure to call a professional pool repair company to fix your issues before they become a much larger problem.

  2. Your pump is making strange sounds

    : When a pool pump is making noises, this could be a good sign that it is about to fail. Paying attention to the sounds your pool pump makes will help you keep it in proper working order and prevent a major pool repair.

  3. You find cracks in the pool liner:

    Cracks in a pool liner can often turn into a major pool repair if they are not fixed quickly. Many concrete pool liners will crack over time.  While this cracks might seem small, they can turn into something much bigger.  If you notice your pool liner is starting to crack, make sure to contact a pool repair company right away.

  4. Fading of the liner:

    Unlike concrete pool liners that are not affected by the sun, vinyl liners can become faded. While this may appear to be a cosmetic issue when a vinyl liner begins to fade, they will often begin to breakdown.  The sun can really do major damage to a vinyl liner and you may need to have yours replaced.  To help prevent this major pool repair issue, make sure to use a pool cover while you are not enjoying your pool.

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