Pool Pump RepairIf your swimming pool pump has an issue, it might give out a loud sound as water runs through it. At times, it will take more time than the usual to start once you turn it on. The pump could also be leaking in the process. All these are signs that your pool pump needs a checkup. The mechanism of the pool can be complex, which will mean that you will need professional help to fix it. Hiring a pool pump repair specialist ensures that the pool gets the right service.

When should you hire a pool pump repair specialist?

There are a few situations that will indicate that your pool pump needs to be repaired. Other than the signs mentioned, here are other things that will prove you need a repair specialist for your pool pump.

  • Broken seal
    The seal allows the pump to function precisely. The pump should be sealed tightly with an O-ring to the pump housing. If you don’t take good care of the rubberized O-ring, it can wear out or break with time. In case you notice water coming out from the pump housing, it could mean that the seal is broken. This will require you to call a repair specialist to fix the seal. A broken seal will make water pass through the pump without proper control.
  • Dented motor shaft
    The pool pump will use a motor that powers the moving parts in the pump. Suppose you notice that the motor shaft is damaged, you will need to call for professional help soon enough. The broken motor shaft will affect the performance of the pool pump. One thing that will prove your motor shaft is damaged is when there is some leaking underneath the pump. Always call a professional as soon as you can to avoid further damages and water wastage.
  • Worn-out impeller
    An impeller is found in the pool pump, and it pushes water via the pump system. Suppose the impeller is old and worn out, you will realize that filter pressure gauge is reading low. If the gauge readings are low more often than the normal readings, it might be time to call a professional.

These are some of the things to look out for in your pool pump. If you notice any of them, do not hesitate to call a professional repair company to fix them.

How much will it cost to hire a professional?

The cost of hiring a pool pump repair specialist will range from one company to another. Other than that, the size of the pool pump and your location will also affect the price. At some point, the pool pump model might also determine the cost of repairing it. With these factors, together with the labor costs, you will get the total cost of hiring the pool repair company.

Why hire a pool professional?

Some people try to fix the pool pump themselves, which end up causing more damages. That is why it is advised to call a pool pump repair specialist whenever you have an issue. So why should you hire the repair specialist?

  1. It is time saving. You will not have to spend time trying to figure out what might be the cause of the problem with your pool pump. Conversely, the pool specialist will immediately know the cause and work on it as soon as possible.
  2. To prevent further damages. The pool specialists are designated to work on the pool pump and deliver the best services. They will fix the pool pump accordingly, and you will not worry about damaging the pool pump parts further.
  3. Prevents injuries. Other than damaging the pool pump, you could accidentally injure yourself or someone else in the event. With the pool repair company, they are professional, and they will have an insurance cover in case of any injury.
  4. They are the right people for the job. Nobody will take care of your broken pool pump better than the repair specialists.

Tobia Pool Care is a pool cleaning and repair service company that is dedicated to offering reliable and affordable services to its clients. Our company has been in the pool service industry since 2010. We are licensed and insured and look forward to taking care of your entire pool and fix your broken pool pump. Call us today.

"Always willing to take the extra time"

Lou does a fantastic job at our house. Beyond providing top notch and consistent service, he is always willing to take the extra time to answer our questions and provide advice. His service allows us to enjoy our pool worry free.

"Always friendly and extremely honest"

We have had a number of pool cleaning companies since moving to Florida years ago and am thrilled to have found Lou and Tobia Pool Care! They are by far the best we have ever had. Never missing a cleaning, never rushing through the job, always friendly and extremely honest about any work or repair that needs to be handled. Most importantly Tobia Pool Care has been the most affordable of all the companies we had in the past. A sparkling clean pool is a guarantee with them! Thanks Lou!

“Tobia Pools is the BEST pool service”

Tobia Pools is the BEST pool service. Lou cleaned our pool in Boca and when we moved to Boynton we continued to have Lou clean our pool. We had a leak and Lou detected it and fixed it right away. We also wanted to purchase a Barracuda cleaner. Lou offered us to purchase one through him, which was substantially less than anywhere we had found. He had it installed and running right away. He not only skims and vacuums but he also scrubs the tiles and cleans the filter. Great guy!