Pool Heater Repair in West Palm BeachHas your pool heater degraded in performance? Does the water take a significantly longer time to reach desired temperatures? Or does the heater cycle on and off? Just like any other equipment, the pool heater is susceptible to wear and tear after a long period of use. What do you do when you want to soothe your sore back in the pool, but the temperatures deny you a deserved chance to relish the beckoning waters? Well, before you sigh away with exasperation you need to understand that there are professionals in Tobia Pool Care who can restore your pool to a spic and span state.

Signs That Your Pool Heater Needs Repair

  1. When the heater doesn’t ignite
  2. When the pilot won’t light
  3. When the heater doesn’t reach the desired temperature
  4. When the heater cycles on and off
  5. When rust is returning to your pool
  6. When the heater is leaking water
  7. When the heater makes a whistling noise
  8. When the heater is emitting dark exhaust

If you experience any of these snags, it is time to have your pool heater repaired. Tobia Pool Care professionals are skilled in all types of problems and can be able to troubleshoot the cause of the issues so that your pool can be restored to its normal functioning. With state of the art tools and years of expertise under their belt, they are the right people for the job.

Benefits of Hiring The Right Professionals

Swimming pool heaters are the most complicated equipment on your pool. If you are not a pool repair expert, you will probably have little to no information about the heaters. While most people would want to do the repairs on their own in a bid to save some bucks, it is imperative to be aware of the risks involved. Pool heater repair calls for a high level of skill that can only be met by professionals.

While an amateur can make several attempts at diagnosing the primary source of the problem, an expert will make a thorough diagnosis to rectify the issue in one shot. This saves a lot of time and money especially when you are being charged for each visit. Just by shelling out a few bucks, you get unlimited access to the best expertise and an extensive array of tools to protect your investment and life of the pool. There is no need to compromise the state of your pool when you can get the best services from the right professionals.

How Much Should You Pay?

We all love to make bargains on repair bills, but is the trade-off actually worth the peril? Is it worth endangering your family for just a few bucks? There is a broad range of swimming pool repair companies from mom and pop providers to the well-established multi-million dollar sources. We understand that choosing a trusted dealer can be quite tricky. It is never recommended to hire just anyone for pool heater repair. This is why at Tobia Pool Care we have a steadfast team of experts with decades of experience and a vast pool of tools to offer you professional services at extremely friendly prices.

Why Should You Hire The Services of Tobia Pool Care Experts?

Tobia Pool Care experts in South Florida pride themselves in their ability to provide superior services at competitively low prices. They understand the ins and outs of pool heaters and are ready to keep your swimming pool working optimally for many years. Investing in their expertise is the smartest decision you will ever make.

One of the best ways to keep your pool heater at optimum performance is to have it serviced on a regular basis. By having technicians at Tobia Pool Care come in on a monthly or annual basis, you can have peace knowing that any problems will be detected and dealt with instantly. This equates to savings for expensive repairs!

Take Time to Relax In Your Pool

There is nothing more revitalizing than jumping into your pool to enjoy the refreshing touch of water on your body. With Tobia Pool Care repair services, you are assured of friendly, hassle-free services at a surprisingly reasonable price. We will keep your heater functioning efficiently and your water temperatures convenient for you to dive in. Quality and affordability in a single offer? Grab the opportunity.

"Always willing to take the extra time"

Lou does a fantastic job at our house. Beyond providing top notch and consistent service, he is always willing to take the extra time to answer our questions and provide advice. His service allows us to enjoy our pool worry free.

"Always friendly and extremely honest"

We have had a number of pool cleaning companies since moving to Florida years ago and am thrilled to have found Lou and Tobia Pool Care! They are by far the best we have ever had. Never missing a cleaning, never rushing through the job, always friendly and extremely honest about any work or repair that needs to be handled. Most importantly Tobia Pool Care has been the most affordable of all the companies we had in the past. A sparkling clean pool is a guarantee with them! Thanks Lou!

“Tobia Pools is the BEST pool service”

Tobia Pools is the BEST pool service. Lou cleaned our pool in Boca and when we moved to Boynton we continued to have Lou clean our pool. We had a leak and Lou detected it and fixed it right away. We also wanted to purchase a Barracuda cleaner. Lou offered us to purchase one through him, which was substantially less than anywhere we had found. He had it installed and running right away. He not only skims and vacuums but he also scrubs the tiles and cleans the filter. Great guy!