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We are aware that there are many other companies that also offer pool maintenance in West Palm Beach, but what sets us apart from them is that we believe in everything that we do and enjoy doing them! We left our careers just so we could continue on doing what we love, which is to help people with their pool service needs. Last but not the least, we charge a reasonable price for our services.

Pool maintenance and pool leak detection in West Palm Beach are among the usual tasks we do on a daily basis for our customers, and our years of experience in the field allowed us to become very knowledgeable in the subject.

What services do we offer?

Pool Maintenance in West Palm Beach is one of our most requested services. For the sake of our clients, we only do pool maintenance work using top-of-the-line equipment, which includes a hookah dive system that we often when finding underwater leaks. Other than that, we are also equipped with the newest underwater microphones that are used to communicate efficiently and pinpoint leaks.

Here’s a list of the services we offer: 

If left untreated, a leak may cause underground voids that may generate new sets of cracks on the pool deck and the pool shell. It may also open up voids below your home, which can cost a lot of money to fix. For a problem that won’t fix itself and will even get worse over time, fixing a leak upon discovery is extremely important.

If you’re not sure whether you need pool maintenance or pool leak detection in West Palm Beach, then be sure to contact us so we can talk about your concern and provide you a detailed estimate.

It’s important to remember that a small leak will eventually turn into a bigger one that is very difficult and expensive to repair. Not only that, a pool leak will also cause your monthly water bill to increase upwards of a hundred dollars.

Because we care about our clients so much, we will thoroughly go over your entire pool and equipment to ensure that every leak is found. We are professional pool specialists who guarantee all of our work.

So, what else are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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