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Hurricane Irma has passed, but the damage caused by this record breaking storm has remained. With all of the damages that follow when a hurricane hit, it can be overwhelming for anyone having to deal with insurance and repairs. Responsibilities can range from taking care of family and pets, trying to turn utilities back on, and restoration to your property. When you are dealing with damages done to your house it can be easy to put off taking care of your pool.

Check for Pool Leaks and Damage

When a hurricane hits, lots of debris can accumulate in your pool. Hurricane Irma is no exception! Having miscellaneous debris knocking around and excess water saturating the ground around your pool increases the likelihood of damage. After a storm, if the water level in your pool begins to decrease, you may have developed a leak. If there is damage done to your pool a professional pool service can offer experience and access to tools that can restore your pool quicker. When pool owners attempt to try and fix issues by themselves, they often end up spending more time and money in the long run. After which a professional service is called in to correct mistakes made. Why not hire a professional in the first place and save yourself the stress?

Pool Cleaning

With Hurricane Irma’s winds reaching 185-mph, anything and everything could have found its way into your pool. What was once your relaxing retreat from the unforgiving Florida heat can quickly become home to whatever was sucked up during the storm. That debris needs to be cleaned out and your pool will need to be chemically treated to make it once again safe for you and your family. Cleaning out a pool can be time consuming hard work that you may not have while also dealing with other property damage. Allow a service to come in and handle things for you and give you piece of mind.

Pool maintenance might not be at the top of everyone’s to-do list, but having a pool itself is an investment you have made in your property. Don’t allow that investment to decrease in value by allowing your pool to remain without care and deteriorate after a storm.

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