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Fall is right around the corner and getting your pool ready for this season is very important.  Even if you live in warm climates such as South Florida, there are some things that you will need to do in order to prepare for the winter months.  Today we are going to learn several pool tips that can help get your pool ready for the last half of the year.

Five Helpful Fall Pool Tips

  1. Have your pool professionally cleaned:

    Professional pool cleaning during the Fall is a great way to prepare your pool for the season. Many people close off their pools during the Fall even in warmer climates. Some pool owners go on vacation for the holidays and do not want their pool exposed to the elements while they’re away.  But before you put that pool cover on, have a professional pool cleaning service come in and make your pool sparkling clean.

  2. Inspect your pool cover:

    Over time pool covers can get holes in them and become damaged by the sun’s UV rays. So before it’s time to use your pool cover, make sure that it is in great shape.  If not, you will need to have it replaced with a new one.

  3. Check for leaks:

    Unless your pool is brand new and recently installed, you will greatly benefit from having it inspected for leaks. A leaking pool during the fall months and while you are away from home can be a disastrous event.  Not only will a leak detection inspection help keep the water from leaving your pool, it will also help to protect your overall investment.

  4. Repair any damages:

    A great time to have any pool damages repaired is right before the Fall season. Pool service companies often run specials during this time of year, and the savings can greatly benefit you.

  5. Inspect your pool fence:

    In order to keep your pool safe not only for your family but for those who may wander by your home as well is to make sure your pool’s fence are inspected. This will help protect small children, pets and those who cannot swim from falling in.  Also, it will prevent anyone from trying to swim in your pool while you are not at home.

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