Why are your rates higher then my old “pool guy”?
AQuite simply because we are professionals. We may not be the cheapest service out there, but we are the best. Your “old pool guy” is your old pool guy for a reason. We always show up, always do a great job, always care about your pool, and always make your pool look better then it ever has before. Besides, how much are you really saving if your other service doesn’t show up and algae starts growing in your pool. Now you are stuck paying someone else to come in and clean up the mess. Or because he walks in and out of your yard in 2 minutes, he never notices a leak in your equipment or a motor that is running too high. As a result he ends up costing you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in repairs. As the saying goes “Work up to Quality, not down to price.”
What is conditioner/stabilizer?
AConditioner or stabilizer is an essential chemical used in the proper disinfection of swimming pools. Its chemical name is cyanuric acid and it forms a protective bond around the chlorine, making it more resistant to being burned off by the sun. This chemical is typically added during the spring months, but pools with high water loss will also need to be reconditioned throughout the summer. This is a very expensive chemical and we ask that you DO NOT backwash or clean your filter for five days after this chemical has been added. Pools should also be stabilized whenever large amounts of fresh water are added. It will sometimes appear as a white powdered substance on the bottom of the swimming pool, but will dissipate after a few days (brushing helps).
Why would pool water be green?
AAlgae makes swimming pool water green.

Here is some advice and input:

Your pool water turned green most likely because of an algae bloom in your pool water. When you shocked the pool and added the copper algaecide you might have oxidized the copper in the algaecide. What I would do if I were you is take a sample of the water (about 16oz.) to your local pool store and have them test for metals.

Another possibility is that there is metal in the water, which will react with chlorine and turn green or brown. Many parts of the country have naturally high levels of metal in their water, so this can be a problem any time replacement water is added to a pool. Use Natural Chemistry’s MetalFree or another chellating agent.

Algae is probably at the bottom of your pool had same problem the bottom of my pool was brown. I went to pool store and they told me to do the following: raise pH above 8 test pH. next 1 lb of yellow out and 1 lb of shock run filter, then brush and then vacuum. next 12 hrs later 1/2 bag of shock. Next 12 hrs later 1/2 bag shock. Test your chemicals run filter brush and vacuum and you should be good to go my pool is above ground 4,500 gallons so talk to a pool store.

Yellow out is shock by the way always read the product labels mixing the wrong chemicals together pose health risks. Your pool water is green because your PH is out of balance making your chlorine ineffective and your filtering system is not working correctly.

Algae is certainly the cause of the green, but an imbalance of pH and/or alkalinity is why you have algae in the first place (while there is adequate chlorine). Very high or low pH significantly decreases the effectiveness of chlorine. I suggest that you test and adjust your pH and alkalinity first (take a water sample to your local pool store and have them test it if needed). Once those are balanced, shock the water and use an algaecide. Run the filter 24 hrs per day and vacuum the dead algae debris often – you’ll also have to clean the filter almost daily. Once the green starts to disappear, add a blue clarifier to help clear the dead algae from the water and eliminate any cloudiness.

The oxidation rate of your chlorine is affected by the pH level. ppm of your chlorine is just a quantity and the oxidation rate is the quality of the water. To properly control a pool you should use a pool controller that measures the oxidation rate or ORP.

The absolute fix for algae bloomed pool: DRAIN , ACID WASH and REFILL.

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