Every plan for pool service comes standard with Tobia Pool Care’s 17 Point inspection.  This is a standard that all of our clients can expect during every visit to your pool.

Enjoy your days and let us take care of your pool or spa with our 17 point check list!

  • Visual check of pump & filter for leaks upon arrival
  • Check pressure gauge
  • Turn pump off
  • Set timer for correct time
  • Lubricate pump lid o-ring (when necessary)
  • Inspect & clean out pump basket
  • Turn pump on & ensure it primes without leaks
  • Test pool for free available chlorine & Ph
  • Add proper chemicals to sanitize & balance water
  • Clean out skimmer basket
  • Ensure automatic cleaner is working
  • Clean tiles
  • Clean and inspect filter & lubricate o-ring (monthly)
  • Leave a note showing we were there & any concerns
  • Brush walls
  • Skim pool surface
  • Vacuum pool

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"Always willing to take the extra time"

Lou does a fantastic job at our house. Beyond providing top notch and consistent service, he is always willing to take the extra time to answer our questions and provide advice. His service allows us to enjoy our pool worry free.

"Always friendly and extremely honest"

We have had a number of pool cleaning companies since moving to Florida years ago and am thrilled to have found Lou and Tobia Pool Care! They are by far the best we have ever had. Never missing a cleaning, never rushing through the job, always friendly and extremely honest about any work or repair that needs to be handled. Most importantly Tobia Pool Care has been the most affordable of all the companies we had in the past. A sparkling clean pool is a guarantee with them! Thanks Lou!

“Tobia Pools is the BEST pool service”

Tobia Pools is the BEST pool service. Lou cleaned our pool in Boca and when we moved to Boynton we continued to have Lou clean our pool. We had a leak and Lou detected it and fixed it right away. We also wanted to purchase a Barracuda cleaner. Lou offered us to purchase one through him, which was substantially less than anywhere we had found. He had it installed and running right away. He not only skims and vacuums but he also scrubs the tiles and cleans the filter. Great guy!